Are you a new or struggling coach trying to build a purposeful and profitable coaching business?

I know what it’s like when you are GREAT at coaching but lack the marketing skills to get clients.

It gets very frustrating. To the point where I quit and started over repeatedly. I would get all excited and inspired to go after what I knew God had purposed me to do as a coach. I would listen to all these gurus and try rebranding, changing my niche and my marketing style. I would get a little traction or simply crickets.

I was finally over it! I had had enough.



Hi! my name is Lou Ann Kent, your Business Start-Up Coach and Strategies who work with new and struggling coaches (just like you) by helping them build and grow a purposeful and profitable coaching business.

I’m on a mission to help new and struggling coaches overcome and avoid the frustration and overwhelm of building their business.

I spent too many years going in circles trying to grow my coaching business.


So, instead of seeking out coaches and mentors.  I cried out to God and decided to follow His lead since He’s the one who created me and purposed me as a coach.

So, I went on a serious journey of prayer asking God for Divine Connections. I wanted to be equally yoked with coaches and mentors that He wanted me to learn and grow from. He led me to the people and programs that was the perfect fit for my purpose and personality.

So, after investing a lot of time and money, I realized the 3 Key Pillars to building a successful coaching business that will attract your ideal paying clients.

It’s not your brand colors nor your logo not even your website. I was spending my wheels on all that stuff only to have no clients. I learned that it’s the foundation you need to build your business from.

It was these 3 key pillars that caused me growth and success in my coaching business.


After seeing how affective and crucial they were, I decided to coach other coaches so they too can over the frustration of starting their business and get success much quicker. I could now help them avoid the costly mistakes of starting their business and help them get clients faster.

Finally, you can know what to do to build your business the right way that will get you clients. No more feeling overwhelmed. You will know how to build from the right foundation that will attract your ideal paying clients.

My clients have gone from being confused to complete clarity and confidence in their business. Why? Because they’ve gotten clear from the 3 pillars of building your business, so their message is so clear it attracts their ideal client. They’re no longer trying to convince people they need their coaching.
In my FREE 3 Crucial Pillars to Building Your Coaching Business Video Series, I share the 3 key pillars you MUST master to get PAYING CLIENTS.

I will walk you through step-by-step on getting clarity. You will receive 3 videos over a course of three days to help you break down the Problem You Solve as a coach. You will have a guide to help map out your Profitable Coaching Niche so your message is clear.

PLUS, you get a FREE 30-minute Clarity Session which is catered to your specific niche and struggle. You will leave the Clarity Session with a “Next Step Plan of Action” to build and grow your business. The Clarity Session will give you that 1:1 support you need to help you strategize past you’re roadblocks.

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And I want to thank you for your time. Cheers to your successful coaching business.

Blessing, Lou Ann Kent

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